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"Sixian" (a four-stringed plucked instrument) conveys amorous feelings

Sixianqin (qin-general name for certain musical instrument) is a traditional instrument loved very much by the Pumis. In Pumi villages, simple and mellifluous music played with Sixian could be heard no matter in fields or in wooden houses. Sixian is not only a common instrument but also a weapon for boys to express love to girls.

According to legend, long ago there was a boy named Abu who fell in love with a beautiful girl Anai, but the girl wasn't moved in the slightest degree by his true affection. Abu cut a wood sadly carved one end of it into the shape of human's head, and covered the "face" of the head with sheepskin. And he carved the other end into shape of human's body and stretched four flax threads on the wood thus created "Sixianqin". Abu played the Sixian dejectedly day and night, and played out wonderful music. Sound of strings reverberated in the air above the village. At the forth day, Anai was finally moved by Abu's sincerity, and accepted Abu's love. From then on, "Sixian" became symbol of good luck and happiness for the Pumis.

The tone quality of "Sixian" is beautiful, and different tunes can be played by it. When people staying far from home come back, family members reunite or friends meet again, the Pumi people use "Sixian" to express their feelings.

Nowadays, though there are modern instruments and acoustics equipment, the Pumis still love "Sixian". People use it to praise new life, express their deep love to their hometown and convey their admiration to girls.

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