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"Sand of the river buries the lover"

"Sand of the river buries the lover.""Sand of the river buries the lover" is a traditional entertainment and spouse seeking activity celebrated by youngsters in the Fugong region of the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. It is held on the forth or fifth day of the New Year. When the time comes, young men and women gather by the Nujiang River, dancing, singing and playing. Helped by one's friends, he or she digs a pit in the sand beach, lifts his or her lover into it and "bury" it. They pretend to be very sad and weep, sing mourning songs and dance mourning dance. They pull lovers out until they make full fun of them. They have the idea that: on one hand, through the action they show their deep and sincere love; on the other hand, they may bury the "Death" in their lovers' bodies and make them healthy and live long.

Besides, the Lisu youths in the Fugong region also hold crossbow-shooting match ---"shooting egg on the head". During the match, men carry quivers and hold crossbows in their hands; their lovers place a bowl upside down on their heads, put an egg on the base of the bowl (or put a wood bowl on the head and put some rice and an egg in it), and stand several meters away. When the match begins, a young man pulls the bowstring, put the arrow on it unhurriedly and shoot it. As soon as a sound "Pa" is heard, liquid in the egg splashes out, and the girl is still safe and sound. Suddenly, warm applause spreads out on the site. This is a soul-stirring and exciting match and an activity comparing skills, competing courage and showing true love. If some men were not skillful enough, they'd rather lose the target than hurt their lovers.

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