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A Peaceful Land of Good Social Security

The Dulong people live a simple and honest life. People would not pick up things of others' left on the road, and need not close the door at night. People who find things on the road would not take them as their own. Instead, they wait there for the owner or try to find the owner, giving the things back. While traveling far away, they divide carried food into many portions, and put them in trees or caves, to eat on the way back. The passersby, no matter how hungry, would not take the food without permission. Even, items like clothes can be put anywhere on the road, with a stone on top, showing the owner puts it there intentionally. No one would touch them.

Dulong people never do stealing. Their barns are mostly built behind the house, or even on a hill or near a field, a little distant from the house. There is only a bamboo or wood stick on the door. People are never worried about thieves. Truelove WineEven if they go out, the door of the house is also disposed in the same manner. No break-in would ever happen.

There are still other aspects of their traditional virtues. One trouble in a family is the care of the whole village; the elder are respected, the children well cared, and the poor are warmly helped; also their politeness and hospitality, etc.

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