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Teaching the Local People How to Conserve the Environment


Since its establishment, the Wolong Natural Reserve has always stressed the importance of popularizing knowledge about the Forest Law, the Wildlife Conservation Law, the Regulations of Natural Reserve, etc. In each year at least a dozen of lectures and meeting are held by experts on wild life protection and research to explain to the local people the importance of environmental protection to their life, nationals laws and policies on wildlife conservation.

The local people could learn in different ways, for instance, television and broadcast, logo signs, courses on environmental protection in primary and middle schools, protection contracts with villagers. The reserve administrators also seize opportunities like the "Birds' Week", the "Month of Wildlife Protection," and the "Arbor Day" to teach the local people to protect nature. After so many years' hard working, the local people in the reserve now have got a strong awareness of protecting nature. They have not only got rid of "over-logging" and "poaching," but also helps to conserve natural animals. Some local people, for example, have helped sick wild giant pandas and other rare animals.

Teach the Public How to Conserve Local Environment
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