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Local Wolong People are Simple and Kind-hearted


Tibetan girls love the giant pandaThe Wolong Natural Reserve locates in the autonomous prefecture of the Tibetan and Qiang nationalities of Aba in Sichuan province. In the natural reserve live the Tibetan and Qiang minorities. When we enter the reserve, what comes to our eyes are the simple undecorated wood and stone houses scattered in the beautiful green mountains.

Wolong is at the boundary place between a big city and the Tibetan territory; and the local people have adopted new lifestyles and thoughts. Therefore, although they do not wear clothes in a Tibetan way and speak a minority language, their identity is not to be doubted.

Songs and dances from the Tibetan and Qiang NationalitiesFor hundreds or even thousands of years, the Tibetan and Qiang people live and work in such a peculiar environment, exploring and protecting the abundant resources in their home place. They have very distinctive lifestyle and customs that form a beautiful and colorful picture.

It is because of these simple and kindhearted local people that the ecology of the Wolong Natural Reserve can be further protected. From Gengda town to the "51 station" in Wolong, local villagers, led by the local government, have planted a lot of bamboos that are edible to giant pandas. They have contributed a unforgettable part to the protection project of the giant panda.

The astragalus.The longevity grass: Trillium tschonoskii.The officinal magnolia: Magnolia officinalis.The Chinese goldthread: Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora
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