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Natural Resources in the Wolong Natural Reserve


Dainty FoodThe Wolong Natural Reserve is known to China and the world as "the Home of the Giant Panda," "the Broad-spectrum Genetic Poll of Animals and Plants," and "the Natural Zoological and Botanical Garden."

Within the Wolong Natural Reserve, there are more than 150 giant pandas. Widely distributed there are also other 56 species of rare endangered animals like the golden monkey and the gnus, which are in the list of key national protected animals. 12 of these species are in the first class while the other 44 in the second. According to statistics, in the reserve there are 450 vertebrates, of which there are 103 species of mammals, 283 of birds, 21 of amphibians, 25 of reptiles, and 18 of fishes; there are also about 1700 species of insects. Statistics made from collected plant specimens indicates that there are nearly 4000 known plants in the reserve, of which 1989 are higher plants. Among the spermatophytes in Wolong, there are 20 of gymnosperms and 1604 angiosperms. 24 plants are in the list of national protected rare endangered plants, including Chinese dove tree in the first class and 9 other plants in the second class.

Red pandaWith peculiar geographical conditions, complicated relief types, beautiful and diversified landscapes, and comfortable climate, the Wolong Natural Reserve integrates precipitous mountains, beautiful and clean rivers and springs, forests and caves into an united whole. In the reserve, you will not only have a glimpse of its biological diversity, the peculiar cultures of the Tibetan nationality and the Qiang nationality, but will also experience the grand and magical landscapes that Nature has endowed to Wolong. In the reserve, there are large-scale breeding bases for giant pandas, red pandas, golden monkeys and other rare animals listed in the national protected animals. Besides, the world-known observing station in the wild "May 1 Station" is also located there. The Wolong Natural Reserve is doubtless an ideal place for people to return to Nature and experience the harmonious relationship between man and Nature.

Wolong Natural Reserve has 938 thousand EKW of potential hydroenergy, 35 thousand of which has been utilized to produce electric power. In the reserve, 23 types of minerals, three thermal springs have been found. The thermal spring in the Silver-factory Valley has colorless crystal water with a temperature of 40oC; and there is cream white sediment in the bottom, which are identified as strontium metasillicio. The mineral spring water in that thermal spring is of good quality and great medical value.

Frolicking Golden monkey
Takin (Budorcas taxicolor) Stump-tailed macaque (Macaca arctoides)
Purple yulan (magnolia denudate) Gadol (rhodiola roo)

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