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Help from people all over the world


In the habitat of the giant panda, people living there have a deep sense of protecting the "national treasure" giant panda and other wild animals. Living in harmony with the local people, giant pandas often enter a mountain village and people there are used to them and love them very much. Among the local people, there are many stories about how villagers help giant pandas. Here is a picture of a Tibetan villager in Pingwu County of Sichuan Province sent a panda cub to a riverlet where giant pandas often come to drink water.

Dr.Kissinger, the Emissary of Sino-American Friendship, cares a lot about the giant pandaIn 1980, the World Wildlife Fund reached an agreement with the Chinese government on launching an international donation program and making plans to save giant panda. WWF also sent a group of scientists headed by G.B.Schaller to China to discuss and execute the panda protection program. In the picture, Doctor Schaller was observing and testing an etherized giant panda in the wild, and putting on a radio transmitting neck strap for future observation.

People all through the world love and are concerned about giant panda. Wherever it goes, the giant panda always gets a national guest's reception, and there has been and still is great interest in the world.

Dr. Xia Le observes an anesthetic wild giant panda and puts a neck-ring-shaped signal sender on him. Giant panda in America

The WWF officer shows the WWF flag when visiting the Beijing Zoo. The warm giant panda shakes hands with the panda on the flag.

When WWF was first founded in 1961, the giant panda of China was selected to be its logo symbol. Either in terms of aesthetic value or scientific research, the giant panda is without the doubt the flag animal of world environmental protection. In the picture, when an officer of WWF visited the pandas in the Beijing Zoo, a hospitable giant panda came up to shake hands with the panda on the flag of the organization.

It is a wish of people all over the world that the rare treasure of the giant panda will continue to live with human being for ever.

Protecting the Migration Habitat of the Giant Panda