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Protecting Panda and its Habitats Project


In view of the ever worsening and shrinking of panda habitats, the project "Protecting the Giant Panda and its Habitats" was endorsed in 1992 and started in 1993, which aimed to protect and improve the habitats of the giant panda and its population. Lasting 10 years, this project has a total input of 300 million RMB. It was aimed to improve the existing 14 Natural Reserves, and to set up another 14 Natural Reserves, 17 ecological corridor zones and 32 watching stations to protect the habitats of the giant panda. At the same time, ecological, breeding and reproduction researches on giant panda will also be strengthened. The whole reserve area for the giant panda will reach 18, 000 square kilometers and cover 34 counties of Sichuan, Shanxi, and Ganshu provinces, including the existing and new reserves and corridor zones. This will strictly protect 6,500 square kilometers of the panda's habitats.

An Introduction of Giant Panda Protection Project
Protecting the Migration Habitat of the Giant Panda