Clouded Leopard
Neofelis nebulosa

  Habitat: tropical and sub-tropical broad-leaved evergreen forests.

  Feeding habits: attack on its prey secretly and kill its prey with its paws and teeth.

  Food: monkeys, small-sized deer, wild rabbits and birds.

  Size: with a body length of 75-110 cm and a tail of 72-92 cm long. Weight: 15-20 kg.

  Habits:  it lives in trees and goes out during the night. It acts secretly and is good at climbing trees. It catches monkeys or birds on trees or hides in trees and jumps down when animals pass by. It has a pregnant period of three months and it can produce 2-4 babies each time.

  Category: mammalia, beast of prey, felidae.

  Distribution: mountain forests of Yunnan and all provinces in the South of Yangzi River. 

  Level of protection: Class I key state protection animal of China.