Red Panda
Ailurus fulgens

  Habitat: forest and bushes in high mountains.

  Feeding habits: pick up food or catch small animals with its paws and teeth.

  Food: bamboo leaves, leaves of trees, fruits, small birds and bird eggs.

  Size: with a body length of 40-60 cm and a tail of 30-50 cm long. Weight: about 5000 g.

  Habits:  It is good at climbing trees. During daytime, it mainly rests on the forks of tress and it acts most frequently at dusk and in early morning. It has the habit to release its wastes in fixed places. The mating period of red pandas is in spring and its pregnant period is 4 months. It produces 2-3 young red pandas each time. Young red pandas are white after their births and they change into deep gray one week later. When young red pandas grow up, they gradually change into colors similar with their parents.

  Category: mammalia, beast of prey, red panda.

  Distribution: West Yunnan and Northwestern part of the Northwest. Sichuan and Tibet in Southwest China.

  Level of protection: class II key state protection animal of China.