Amphibians -Loser on the Arena

  Most amphibians hide by day and come out by night. They hide in the daytime, and they come out frequently in the early morning or at dusk. They spend the scorching heat of the summer by estivation and the severe coldness of the winter in hibernation. Their foods mainly consist of living creatures and they have no capacity to defend themselves against enemies. Fish, snakes, birds and beasts are all their natural enemies. Amphibians have an allometron period of three months and their ability in defending, diffusing and migrating is rather poor. They rely too much on environment, though they have all kinds of ecological protection adaptation. Their species, compared with other vertebrates, appear to be much less. The distribution of amphibians is quite widespread. Their habitats are found in plains, hills, high mountains and plateaus except oceans and deserts. The highest elevation for their habitat can be as high as 5000 m above sea level.